Rater Exam Prep with Corbett Lunsford
6 Days of Training is Just Not Enough.
Want More Practice with HERS Rating?

Corbett personally guides you through the process of self-study with:

  • Six Modules with Video Talks
    • #1: Exam Prep Strategy & the RESNET Standard
    • #2: First 50-Question Practice Exam
    • #3: The Real Life of a HERS Rater
    • #4: Practice HERS Rating from Plans
    • #5: Improving & Modifying the Rating using REM
    • #6: Second 50-Question Practice Exam
  • Assigned Tasks and Quizzes
  • Recommended Resources for Technical Study
  • All the Documentation You Need to Ace your Exam

Two 50-question multiple choice practice exams to help you practice for your upcoming HERS Rater, Field Inspector, or Energy Auditor test with RESNET.  You can take them as many times as you want.